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Your membership is extremely valuable to GLOBE and our values. We invite the OECD community of all sexual orientations and gender identities to join GLOBE.

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For more information about GLOBE and how to join, send an email to

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Last reviewed May 2019

We value your privacy. What you share with us stays with us, and will never be passed on to third parties—not even the OECD itself.

We keep only the basic information that you provide and that we need to check your membership and keep you updated on and engaged in the association’s programme of activities.

That is:

  • name

  • email address

  • organisation and workplace

  • preferred pronouns

  • preferred language

  • the last time you paid (for membership purposes)

  • whether you registered with a partner (and their name, if you provided it) 

  • type of membership (full member, intern, associate, etc.)

When you join our mailing list you provide us these basic details, and agree that we use them for this purpose and in accordance with this policy. There’s an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of all of our emails, and you can always use it to stop receiving our updates.

We use MailChimp as the platform to send you our emails, so we store this information there, where it’s handled in accordance with their privacy policy and terms. This also means that the platform automatically generates information on the time, date and IP-based-location where you opened our emails.

We use HelloAsso as the platform to collect membership fees online by card and to sign up to some of our events. If (and only if) you pay your membership by card or buy tickets to one of our events, then the sign up details you provide are also handled by HelloAsso in accordance with their privacy policy and terms. HelloAsso don’t give us payment information such as your card number.

We use the OECD Event Management System (EMS) to manage registration to events held on OECD premises, such as our Annual General Meeting. If (and only if) you register for an event held on OECD premises, then the registration information your provide is also handled by EMS in accordance with the OECD’s privacy policy and terms.

The only people who have access to your communications with GLOBE are the board. We will keep this information as long as GLOBE exists, and as long as you are happy with it, and will inform you of any changes in our privacy policy. You can always click the ‘update your preferences’ link at the end of every GLOBE email, or contact us at if you want to check, correct, or update your information; if you want to delete it; or if you have any questions about our privacy policy.

We don’t use your information in any other way or for any other purpose than keeping you updated, checking your membership status, and following up on matters you choose to discuss with us. We don’t share it with anyone else, and never will.

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