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Pride in the City Proposal

OECD GLOBE and the Permanent Representation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the OECD are pleased to co-organise a public event on Pride in the City, discussing the impact of LGBTQI events in the promotion of urban development. The objective of this event is to raise visibility and public awareness of the cultural importance of the LGBTQI community and its role in fostering a diverse and multi-faceted urban landscape. This event will be held in reference to the forthcoming 2018 Gay Games, which will be held in Paris in August.

This event will explore the history and development of LGBTQI cultural events through the lens of the Gay Games, an international sporting event that promotes diversity, inclusion, respect and solidarity. This event has been organised by OECD GLOBE in collaboration with a number of prominent stakeholders. It is open to all OECD Staff, Delegations and Permanent Representations to the OECD, and GLOBE members.

Background The LGBTQI communities contribute to the cultural landscape of many cities across the OECD. In particular, LGBTQI cultural events like Pride, and sporting events like the Gay Games, are major contributors to urban life and metropolitan development. These cultural events promote open, inclusive and diverse societies, and continue to promote the rights and freedoms of LGBTQI people. Pride marches have had a tumultuous history in many countries since the first civil rights movements in the 1960s and 1970s, and are now significant social, cultural and political milestones for many cities. Equally, the Gay Games were initially founded in 1982 in order to promote inclusion and participation of all people in sporting events, and have since been held in eight cities across four continents.

This public event will bring together stakeholders from multiple facets of the LGBTQI and sporting communities and policy makers from multiple tiers of French government. It will feature athletes, high profile policy makers and representatives from the local LGBTQI community.

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