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HRM and GLOBE Consultation on the New Employment Package

OECD HRM and GLOBE met on 18 May 2018 to discuss HRM’s proposed employment package reform. This note outlines the discussions. GLOBE members are always invited to submit comments below or email for inclusion in future discussions.

Revising the OECD Employment Package

  • GLOBE participants noted that they do not necessarily represent the views of the entire LGBTI population at the OECD and suggested informing GLOBE members on the results of the consultation with EXD/HRM;

  • GLOBE participants indicated that GLOBE does not have specific comments on the NEP project at this time, and welcomed the opportunity to discuss LGBTI issues with HRM;

  • GLOBE participants expressed their support for efforts to obtain a more diverse (in terms of gender identity and sexual orientation) pool of candidates and OECD staff, as well as efforts to make the OECD more attractive to different populations;

  • In terms of the current Staff Regulations, GLOBE participants consider them to be relatively progressive but it was noted that relevant provisions are not well known enough and that HRM should better communicate the Staff Regulations to make them more accessible to both staff and potential candidates. More efforts should be made on branding the Organisation as more inclusive with regard to LGBTI.

Future Ideas and Initiatives

  • ‘Tip of the week’ as a communication tool about GLOBE (end of June for Paris Pride);

  • Consider whether and how to identify the OECD LGBTI population and / or challenges LGBTI staff face (maybe through surveys; GLOBE may itself reflect on other means to support an inclusive working environment for LGBTI);

  • Benchmark OECD LGBTI inclusivity with the support of an external organisation such as Workplace Pride;

  • Ensure that training for OECD managers includes LGBTI themes, there could be a case study within the scenarios of the ethics seminars for example;

  • Possible organisation of a seminar for GLOBE members on the application of relevant provisions of the staff regulations (e.g. family allowance, parental leave) to LGBTI OECD staff;

  • Hold bi-annual meetings between GLOBE and HRM to discuss issues of interest to both sides, to take stock of progress and raise further initiatives.

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