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Deconfining Diversity

Recent events have reminded us that the values of inclusion, equity, and respect are sadly still far from a lived reality for many people. The killing of George Floyd was an exceptionally flagrant atrocity, deserving of outcry and condemnation. But we know it goes beyond that. Structural racism is a problem far more widely spread, deeply ingrained, and insidious than many of us might realise; and it causes untold damage to innumerable human lives. Those lives matter. Black lives matter. GLOBE stands for an inclusive OECD community where all are welcome. Of course we abhor racism. But we realise that there's always more we can do within and beyond our own association. We promise to always show the humility, openness, and proactivity needed to learn and grow as allies in the struggle to root out racism for good. To make a start, we've been doing some reading and research, and would like to share with our supporters the following resources:

  • Article on intersectionality—for particular consideration of the compound effects of racism and LGBTI-phobias

  • TED Talk—on what the gay rights movement learned from the civil rights movement

  • Stop Rainbow Racism—article on one of the forms of racism present in the LGBTI community

  • Reflection piece—on racism in dating in the gay community

  • The colours of pride—and the remarkable LGBTI people of colour who have changed the world in so many ways, especially through their role at the forefront of the Stonewall Riots

We hope you find this information useful too.

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